Conflict In Fahrenheit 451

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Plot The exposition of this book is very spread out. We find out that Montag is a fireman(and what that entails), his name, and we meet Clarisse in the first four pages. Then, on page five, Clarisse introduces the idea of Montag reading the books(which of course is illegal) and asks the question “are you happy”(Bradbury, 7). This introduces the main conflict of the story. However, the more important main characters like Mildred and Beatty aren’t introduced until page nine and page twenty-five. Lastly, the setting isn’t really plainly introduced in the book or given a name. It’s just a city in the twenty-fourth century that is very close to the war that is happening throughout the book. There are multiple conflicts in this book. The …show more content…

He also meets Clarisse right before that, which introduces him to the fact that he is not happy and points out how flawed his society is. This causes him to have a sort of identity crisis which brings in the man vs self conflict. Another man vs society problem that goes with the main conflict occurs at the same time. During the book, especially after meeting Clarisse, Montag develops a pronounced hatred of technology. This is shown in Montag’s metaphors applying to technology throughout the book. Most commonly, he refers to technology as undesirable animals/objects. For example, when Mildred is getting her stomach pumped by “the black cobra”(12) and Montag refers to Faber’s two-way radio as a “green bullet”(112) and a “gnat tickling his ear"(88). Also when he burns his house, he makes it a priority to burn his wife’s three TV-walls. Finally, there is a man vs man conflict between Montag and Beatty. Once Montag is “sick” after the burning of the old woman’s house and Montag’s stealing of the Bible from her house, this reveals later Montag’s secret stash of books. But Montag plainly gives away to Beatty that he took a book …show more content…

He also is the protagonist and one of the few round characters in this novel. Most of the other characters(like Mildred) are so focused on technology and never really thinking that they are not capable of having the qualities of a fully developed round character. He is also a dynamic character. This is shown throughout the book as Montag gradually went from a fireman to an advocate for books and then after his “rebirth” in the river, his view of fire changed from burning to warming and he remembered the portion of the Bible that he had memorized earlier in the book. This is a very large character change that Montag goes through by the end of the book. There were many people that appear throughout the story that help and hurt the protagonist along his

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