Conflict In The Hunt

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The first in Devi’s Imaginary Maps, The Hunt is the story of an eighteen-year-old tribal woman, Mary Oraon, from a tribal village in West Bengal. She is pestered and stalked by a male predator and contractor Tehsildar Singh who has come to exploit the valuable wood of the Sal forest around the village. When he grows lustful of her, she turns into the predator that he is and retaliates her excruciating plight by slaying her molester. This act of self-defence of the protagonist emphasizes the need for an organic intellectual like Mary in an oppressive society. Antonio Gramsci’s idea of the intellectual was critical as he was in the situation of creating a counter hegemony to persuade a huge mass to transform from capitalism to socialism. His …show more content…

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak states that “this voice of resistance makes Mary an organic intellectual.... Mary Oraon in „The Hunt‟ is one of these figures” (Devi, Imaginary Maps 26-27). The organic intellectual in The Hunt emphasizes the need for resistance to exploitation and the need to empower and promote the status of tribal women through awareness and education. Mary’s intellectuality shows how gender stereotypes and patriarchal inconsistencies are not something biological but rather they are only social, economic and culturally accepted norms. Mary’s role as a protector to her society, herself and her relations, her intellectuality to grow along with the dominant Tehsildar and revolting her rapist and the fact that she rebels against his exploitation of the land and the women, all done organically prove her as an organic intellectual. Mary Oraon is a role model for all the victimized and oppressed women who are sexually harassed, her mixed blood emphasizes her power. Spivak also states that “subaltern women need to recognize that ‘internalized constraints ‘inhibit their becoming organic intellectuals, and that ethical singularity…can help them overcome this obstacle” (Murtuza 143). Mary Oraon is an example of such an organic intellectual who takes her power on her own hands and turns the table over her

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