Conflict Over the Growth of Chrislam

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Chrislam, mostly influenced by Shamsuddin Saka, has been gaining a stronger religious power since the 1990s. Now, several well known Christian ministers, such as Rick Warren, Glenn Beck, Brian McLaren and Jim Wallis are adding more fuel to the fire by agreeing that both Christians and Muslims are equally the same in many aspects. These ministers and imams, Islamic teachers, agree that both religions have similar beliefs in the ultimate reality, other spiritual beings, the virgin birth, a second coming, and heaven and hell. This has angered many strong believers in the Christian faith that their own religious leaders are turning against what the Bible said and accepting a religion that was made-up by someone tired of Christians and Muslims fighting. This whirlwind has been growing stronger and creating a problem. Letting Chrislam grow and attract more people will result in religious leaders infecting most of the world, creating pre-apocalyptic events, and opening windows for other religions to claim equality with Christianity. Christianity and Islam are the two most popular religions that are growing expeditiously far and wide. Missionaries from both religions are being sent around the world trying to convince one another, as well as other religions, to join in on what they believe in. Many people even claim that the two religions share plenty of the same characteristics that the two religions are just one with different views. When Saka began his religious movement that

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