Conflict Theory And Social Interactionism In Orange Is The New Black

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Orange is the new black is a Netflix original series about the functional ability of a woman's prison in upstate New York. Integrity, power, and privilege all work together to create many of the situations that arise. Litchfield prison is made up of white male officers, and different racial groups that are clearly divided. For each race, loosely made up of: blacks, latinos, whites, “others”, and a group of older women known as “the golden girls”, there is a sector of living. Blacks in one block, with a bathroom only for them, whites in another, etc. Conflict theory and symbolic interactionism are both excellent theories to examine this series by. Conflict theory, a multi-part theory about both race and gender, is applicable to Orange Is The New Black because of the degrading treatment of the women and the denial of their basic feminine needs. Symbolic interactionism can be applied to most situations that occur in the show. Through these theories social interactions in Orange Is The New Black can be looked at and better understood.

Privilege can be applied to many different situations throughout the show. Racial privilege, gender privilege, class privilege, etc. A common theme of privilege throughout Orange Is The New Black is racial privilege. This is shown through the cleanliness of the living quarters and punishment given across races. SHU (solitary confinement) is much more readily handed out to black inmates over any other race. In one episode, a screwdriver goes

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