Conflict in Franz Kafka´s The Metamorphosis Essay

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Franz Kafka's, The Metamorphosis is about Gregor, the protagonist, who wakes up one morning discovering that he has transformed into a monstrous insect. Before Gregor's transformation he was the man of the family; he provided for his parents and his younger sister so that they could live a happy normal life. However, due to Gregor's metamorphosis, he is no longer able to support them. This series of unfortunate events leads to conflict among the family members which contributes to the meaning of the work. Gregor's transformation causes conflict with his sister, his mother, and his father.
Before Gregor transformed into an insect, he worked as a salesman even though he hated it. However, this didn't stop him from working every day since …show more content…

This soon leads to conflict when Gregor swarms out of his room trying to protect this link from his past, causing his mother to faint and his sister to lock him out of his room. This conflict contributes to the meaning of the work by hinting that Gregor will not be able to the transform back into his human self. Since all his furniture and his belongings are out of his room, he feels that he will no longer be able to get a glimpse of whom he once was, which causes Gregor to once again feel alienated and alone. Due to the fact that Gregor is unable to provide for his family, this causes Gregor's father to lose feelings for his son. The father has no interest in trying to help Gregor with his condition. The father only cares about how he will be able to make money and pay off the family debt. During the evenings, Gregor eves drop on his family while they are eating dinner. Gregor overhears that the father is having money problems, which causes Gregor to have an overwhelming feeling of guilt. Gregor's transformation causes conflict between him and his father because Gregor is no longer able to supply the money which makes him a burden. This dilemma contributes to the meaning of the work by revealing Gregor's most powerful emotion, guilt. Franz Kafka's, The Metamorphosis is a novel with a major theme surrounding family duty. Since Gregor turns into an insect, he is unable to provide any kind of duty for his

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