Conformity Vs. Individuality: Blindness Of Society

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Conformity vs Individuality: Blindness of Society
When I was a child, being popular was the coolest thing ever. Friends that you could trust by a snap of your finger. All friends are different, there is that one friend that can no longer be trusted because that friend did something that affected you. The other friend that can be trusted and can be by your side until the end with your secrets and stories. Every person can be different depends if they are conformity or nonconformity.

My thoughts are that every human being should be different because if there was no difference in the world, then everything that was created has no value to the world. The point I am trying to proof is, There is that one person that is weird and can be different. …show more content…

That's why people change their appearances to follow those who they believe is their icon. Following someone that you may not or may known is a danger to society because let's just say that their leader decides to do drugs. That person that is following the leader is going to go in a dark path.

People may disagree with my thoughts, but I’m just thinking the reality of society. Everything happens for a reason in life. Our future is in order, whether we act Independent or be a conformist everything must be set for a goal. It is up to you, to believe in yourself.

We are “Blinded” from society. You may not know who to trust until you met that one person that you can actually trust. Be different or a Conformist either way is better. In our world we need a balance of “Nonconformist and Conformist” people to make this world go round.

Being weird is okay you know why? Because without weird or normal this world would be a world with no bright ideas. Some of us has to step out of the circle and be themselves. be weird if someone says it is weird, then that thing could become something useful in today’s

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