Confucianism: Morality and Confucius

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Explain Confucius’s diagnosis of the problem(s) of human nature. What is his prescription? Do you think it’s a good one? If you agree, explain why?

After studying the Confucius theory of human nature, my outlook and view on many things have either been changed or at least question. I am left to wonder how being born into this belief system may impact an individual views of themselves, and the world around them. Overall Confucianism is a very practical belief system. Confucius seemed very optimistic about humans, in that the species could be improved if they trusted his knowledge. He offered explanations for the problems in the world, all of the unjust burdens and the suffering. Confucius answered these questions by diagnosing five flaws
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Confucius emphasized this education. Basically, if we are not aware of humanity’s perfect models, we would lack the ability, and perhaps the motive to become one.
Benevolence is not practiced among humans was the finial flaw Confucius diagnosed. People are not compassionate or empathic to others as they should be. And therefore society writhes. Confucius suggested a very important rule: “A benevolent man helps others to take their stand in so far as he himself wishes to take his stand.” Essentially, we must do to others as we would want done ourselves, or the negative form; do not do to others what we would not want done to ourselves. Once again, the self-discipline principle shines through. Confucius was confident these principles would diminish much of the pain in the world.
Although I do not agree with all aspects of the Confucian theories of human nature, I do tend to agree generally with the diagnoses on what’s wrong with us. Firstly there is no doubt humans tend to be selfish, have a lack of respect for family and people of higher authority, and “roles” are often not followed , in turn affecting society. For example, in my opinion much like Confucius’s, a mother should be nurture, a care giver to her child, putting the child before herself. Often we hear about mothers who will put partying, drinking, drug use and dating before their child. This example not only demonstrates the selfishness flaw diagnosed in individuals, but also the lack following
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