Congestive Heart Disease

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There are several types of diseases of the heart. However, no matter what these diseases are – congestive heart failure (CHF), heart attack, coronary artery disease (CAD), or any others – they still have similarities when it comes to their warning signs and symptoms. The symptoms of heart problems are very important because it will tell you that something is wrong, and there is something that you need to consult with your doctor about.
If you properly recognize the signs and symptoms that may indicate a heart problem, you have given yourself a big deal of time to save your life. Once symptoms occur frequently or become severe, or if there are any new symptoms that transpired, consult with your doctor immediately.
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The chest pain that you will feel is often descrived as squeezing or painful feeling in the chest. Some people who had chest pains also said that they feel discomfort, heaviness, fullness, burning and pressure pain on their chest. Even if it is a common symptom for CAD, many still confused it for indigestion or heartburn, and not for something as severe as CAD. The pain may also radiate to different parts of your body such as in your jaw, throat, neck, shoulders, arms and back.
There are also palpitations or the irregular heart beats that you feel in your chest, as well as shortness of breath. Most often, you will feel fatigue and sweats a lot too. some people also experience nausea for CAD.
Heart Attack
Heart attack is one of the most common heart diseases that you need to be concern about. It will strike at the moment you least expect it. though some people have silent myocardial infarction (heart attack without any symptoms), there are still cases where symptoms appear. Once symptoms began to appear, seek help immediately and do not delay. Remember, immediate treatment for a heart attack is very important to reduce the damage to your heart.
Symptoms may start as a mild discomfort which will ultimately progress to significant pain, and will last for 30 minutes or longer and are not relieved by oral medications or rest. Heart attack symptoms include:
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Some exhibit severe symptoms but has a mild failure, while some can be asymptomatic with severe heart damage already.
Heart Muscle Disease
Heart muscle disease, also referred to as cardiomyopathy, often shows no or mild symptoms only. This allows the people having the condition to live a more normal life than their other heart counterparts. However, the symptoms may progress and worsen if the heart function worsens too.
People who already have arrhythmias may lead to sudden death in people with cardiomyopathy.
The signs and symptoms that you need to look out for include the most common chest pain and discomfort which likely happens during physical activity or after meals. However, chest pain may also occur with rest. The lower extremities are swelling and feelings of weakness and fainting also occur. Heart palpitations are present due to the abnormal heart

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