Connection between Racial Identity with Parental Attachment and Familial Communalism

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In the article, the author studied the connection between the racial identity of 165 African American college students with the inclusion of the variables of parental attachment and familial communalism. College students from the southern and eastern regions of the United States who grew up in two-parent homes with a higher median income than those of the average African American household were the population selected in for the study. There has a been a new emphases in understanding the development of individuals as it relates to the racial group that they identify with since the civil rights moment. Racial identity statuses have successfully been connected to predict the self-esteem of African American college students (Brown, 2013, p108-109). The aim of the study was to distinguish if using the Cross Model with two variables would produce more impactful results than those from previous research that used only one isolated variable. The article proposed that the method through which African American people develop racial attitudes and behaviors is through socialization. Social bonds are at the heart of African American culture. The African American community is built on the good of the group, not the well-being of the individual. Likewise, attachment relationships are important in predicting things such as adjustment, psychological well-being, and self-identity (Brown, 2013, p111). The author of the study recruited 165 African American college students from various
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