Conquering the Generation Gap

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Renowned president, Franklin Roosevelt, once stated, “There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected.” As generations come and go like the tides, the ocean of differences between them becomes clearer. Older generations differ from the current generation in their use of technology and their integration of educational methods. Older generations did not have the technological advancements and opportunities that are available now, nor did they have access to these technologies for educational purposes. Successful efforts are being made each day to bridge the technological and educational gap.
One thing that has continued to advance steadily throughout history is technology. Generations pass as technological knowledge increases. Although this is a fact the world has come to accept, it creates a sea of barriers between generations that is difficult to overcome. Technology plays a crucial part in society today, but that fact hasn’t always held true. In past generations, such advanced technology wasn’t available or even discovered. Phones weren’t portable, computers weren’t a common sight in homes, and the gathering of information required a trip to the library and hours of research. Today, information is easily attainable by way of a computer or cell phone. In fact, hardly any effort is required at all. The older generations are mistrustful and cautious of these new technologies, as well as vastly uneducated,

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