Conqueror of My Heart Essay

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I could feel my waist shrinking as Maggie pulled on my corset rambling on about how beautiful she was going to make me look. As she gave the final tug I felt as if my ribs would crack in to if I dared try to breathe. I shut my eyes forcing myself to take small gasps as I forced my body to mold to the corset. "Maggie just loosen it a little, I am afraid I will faint from suffocation" whispered to my ditzy maid. She grumbled, but gave in and loosened the corset to where I could breathe normally before fetching my dress.
"I always that you looked beautiful in white princess," Maggie smiled at me as she brought out my gown for the ball.
I nodded in approval as she helped me slip into the pearl gown. I carefully looked it over knowing I would …show more content…

I usually always wore it down since it was such a difficult task to fix any other way, but tonight it would have to be tamed to sit upon my head, and not tumble over.
Maggie stabbed me with a pin when a knock echoed on the door.
"Who is it?" I asked trying not to yell at Maggie.
"Earl Ma'am, the ball is about to start, and your father wanted me to fetch you."
"I'll be out in one moment", I said trying not to wince as Maggie stabbed me with another one as we felt our time limit running up.
"Do not move princess" Maggie warned as she began to frantically move around the room trying to find the rest of my hair supplies and to finish her masterpiece quickly.
Once she put the last few pearls in my hair, I grabbed my shoes and began to walk out the door, as I opened it Earl smiled, "You look beautiful Chloe, just like your mother."
"You think so?" I asked.
"Yes, very much so" Earl's grin widened.
"Thank you," I smiled back as he led me down the hall to the staircase.
"Earl you think everyone will approve of me?" I asked him nervously.
"Ma'am you are going to be the most breath taking woman there" he answered.
I took a deep breath as Earl began to announce me to the eager crowd below.
"Presenting the royal princess Chloe Marie Thomas."
I held my breath as I took the first step down the staircase looking at everyone that was watching every move I made.
"Just don't fall" I kept repeating over in my head as my

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