Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

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The modernity of Heart of Darkness is exposed/reflected through the growing belief/awareness of new anthropological and psychological theories with unprecedented insights into the human condition. Conrad shocks readers out of their complacency as he addresses his fascination with dark psychology through modernist inclinations of the rendering of consciousness, the narrator 's stream of consciousness and ambiguity.

Heart of Darkness as a Modernist novel draws upon/gives prominence to the development of the psychological theories that focus on the nature and functionality of the individual.
The narrative is concerned with one 's rendering of consciousness and one 's ability to break away from impulses that threaten to consume the mind and soul. Heart of Darkness is a fictionalised account with reference to Conrad 's own traumatic journey up the Congo River in 1889-1890, which produced severe illness and eternally haunted his imagination. Conrad 's fascination with human beings is derived from his experiences as he examines the depths of the human soul in search for meaning and healing. In effect Marlow 's journey into the African jungle symbolises a psychological journey into the human condition in which he uncovers the horror and corruption of European Imperialism. The power of psycho-analysis of reveal inner workings of the mind is accepted from the beginning of the narrative as the Doctor takes measurements of Marlow 's skull, implying that changes will take place…
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