Consent For Marriage By Mr. Darcy

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Willingness to consent for marriage with a loved one is a logical and emotional decision. In order to sensibly bring two people together, domestic ideology encompasses genuine emotional interest. During the analyzed passage, Mr. Darcy is proposing to Elizabeth for the second time. This signifies personal growth within Mr.Darcy as he lets go of prejudice and doesn’t let his pride get the best of him. Rather than continuously critiquing each other, they allow emotion to influence their thoughts. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth realize that they’re not always initially correct, which signifies a release of pride. The proposal demonstrates the joy that Mr. Darcy feels and conveys that the combination of status and contract can create these immense amounts of happiness within a person. The characteristics of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy combine within himself, as well as within his marriage due to the marrying of a genteel. The differences in the characteristics between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth demonstrate that lower classes can influence upper classes, and that each have beneficial qualities. Mr. Darcy exuberates this change as he is reluctant that she’ll say yes, unlike the first time that he proposed. He does not expect a yes simply because of status or due to her being a woman. He values the opinion of someone who is lower class, and he feels it is morally correct to show that he wants to be a gentleman. Mr. Darcy’s second marriage proposal signals the triumph of domestic ideology by

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