Consequences Of Plagiarism In Disney

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In the eyes of intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to be recognized for their own ideas, it is considered appalling to steal the ideas of another and pass them off as your own. However, intellectual property can be hard to claim therefore making plagiarism difficult to confirm. Many Americans assume that Disney outshines their competition due to their staff’s unbelievable ability to come up with exciting new original ideas. However, in recent discussions of Disney’s newest movie, Coco, a controversial issue has been whether Disney has stolen aspects from one of 20th Century Fox’s and the animation studio Reel FX’s works, The Book of Life. On one hand, some argue that when making a movie about the same holiday there are bound to be similarities. From this perspective, it is a mere coincidence that there are many similar aspects within the two movies. On the other hand, however, others argue that there are too many coincidences within the movies for Disney not to have been influenced by 20th Century Fox’s work. In the words of American journalist Drew Grant, one of this view’s main proponents, “Coco’s animation is so strikingly similar to that of The Book of Life that it’s impossible not to imagine Coco’s animators mining the previous film for concept art” (Grant). According to this view, Disney is lying about their source materials and inspiration. In sum, then, the issue is whether Disney stole key aspects from The Book of Life and will not admit it or
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