Constantly Risking Absurdity and You, Reader

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To compare differences of the content in “Constantly Risking Absurdity and You, Reader,” to one another as it relates to the two perspectives on translating the truth and beauty of writing poetry. In Constantly Risking Absurdity, Ferlinghetti goes through the different stages of the creative process as he sees it. He presents a thought through synopsis of how the poet specifically views the process of writing poetry liking the process to that of a tightrope walker. While Collins illustrates in You, Reader the idea of writing poetry is a process that the reader also can achieve because the same sensory perceptions tools are available to them both and the major distinction is the swiftness of the writer to record and articulate their observations of the everyday happenings into poetic details. In describing the relationship in the style between “Constantly Risking Absurdity and You, Reader,” involves describing the technique in which the poets use to express meaning, tone, and emotion in their poems. Collins poem You, Reader is written in light verse style. The poem is easy for readers to understand and connect with and the emotion is happy and relatable. It is a typical Collins beginning a good-natured wave across the echoing gulf that stretches between writer and reader, as if to suggest the poem itself exists in that uncertain, cloud-strewn gap, and we, as readers, are very nearly poets ourselves” (Garbett A. D., 2006). At the same time as “Collins, finding him a
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