Constitution And The Bill Of Rights: Article Analysis

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The Constitution and the Bill of Rights use separation of powers and checks and balances to limit the control of the federal government. The Constitution was written in Philadelphia and the Bill of Right was drafted in New York City. James Madison worked with the delegates, but was the main author of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Delegation finished the Constitution in May 1787. The Constitution was a new system of shared government that divided power into three branches. This division of authority prevented one part of the government from becoming too powerful. The divisions were called articles. The most important articles are I-III. Article I created a legislative branch. It describes the organization of Congress. In addition, it's the only branch that can make the laws. Also, the Vice President is a member of Congress and serves as the head of the Senate. He can vote when there is a tie. Article ll created an executive branch. The Executive branch is the only branch that can enforce the law. The President is the head of the this branch and the President is the only one who can make treaties with…show more content…
Federalists didn’t so much want a dominant central government over everyone. But Federalists also worried that a weak central government was ineffective. The Antifederalists feared that too much power in the government’s hands would lead to abuse and corruption. They wanted the states to have more of the power to govern people. John Adams, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton were Federalist’s leaders. James Madison who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights was both a Federalist and a President for two terms. Federalists thought the Bill of Rights was unnecessary but because The Anti-Federalists refused to support the Constitution without a Bill of Rights, the Federalists included it in order to help get the States to agree to the
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