Constructive Feedback Worksheet

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University of Phoenix Material Individual Worksheet: Constructive Feedback (Due Week Two) There are four guidelines for effective feedback: 1) Describe the situation or behavior a) specifically b) without making assumptions c) in concrete terms, not judgments 2) Explain your reaction to the behavior, or the consequences of the behavior a) specifically b) related to the behavior, not the person c) calmly d) without exaggeration 3) Request a change (if needed) a) realistically b) invite discussion 4) Express the potential results of change (if needed). a) realistically b) specifically Exercise #1 Read the following descriptions of situations or behavior and mark the response in each set that is most appropriate. 1) In…show more content…
Do you have any suggestions as to how we can make this happen? Solving this issue would save us time that we can invest in other projects. Exercise #6 In 350 words, describe a time in which you received feedback that you felt was counterproductive. Evaluate the feedback based on the four guidelines listed on this worksheet and suggest how the feedback could have been delivered more effectively. Please type your responses and use complete sentences. I can remember receiving feedback which I felt was counterproductive recently at work. I have reports which must be worked daily. Many times working a report consists of calling and/or emailing each client with updates regarding their finances. These reports are worked in order to ultimately financially clearing clients for their upcoming appointments. When co-workers are out for sick or vacation time, Senior’s are required to pick up the slack for those counselors and work their reports. Recently our organization has had several people out for illnesses and vacation overloading the senior’s with additional reports to work. A Senior Manager received notification that a few of the reports were not received on time during this last week and the email message that went out to the senior’s read, “You’re slacking again. You all should be submitting reports on time.” Based on the four guidelines of constructive feedback, our senior manager missed a few crucial steps which is why I’ve identified this feedback as
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