Consumer Buying Behaviour : Msc Business & Management

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Adem Kader Consumer Buying Behaviour MSC Business & Management Dr Dababrata Chowdhury University Campus Suffolk Summer 2015 ABSTRACT Almost all marketers must understand consumer behaviour because it allows marketers to understand and predict buying behaviour of consumers. Consumer buying behaviour (CBB) is crucial for marketers, at the same time it is a difficult subject to understand. CBB is not only about what consumers buy or what they are interested. CBB is all about why consumers buy it, where do they prefer to buy it, how they buy it, when they buy it and how often they buy it. CBB is a vast subject and marketers can use CBB for almost every business around the world. CBB can be influenced by culture, social class, family, personality, psychological factors and from his subculture. CBB is difficult and complex subject for marketers because CBB is evolving and thriving. CBB can be complex or simple mental process at the same time for marketers. In behaviour, human beings change directions of their lives. Environmental events are also other factor, which affects CBB. What happens in the external environment of consumers, also affects their buying behaviour. Marketers have the opportunity to understand and identify the CBB so that they can develop a significant strategy for their product or brand awareness. Advertisement is another important factor for marketers to convince and remind consumers about their product. Most of the time advertisements on

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