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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis PSY/322 University of Phoenix Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis Consumer psychology is described as the study of the patterns or choices that people make when purchasing items or services (Perner, 2010). It involves trying to predict the buying patterns of consumers, as well as what types of advertisements or promotions reach various groups of consumers (Perner, 2010). Depending on the scholars and their areas of expertise, many different articles reflect a different definition of consumer psychology, which as a result affects how the subjects and the marketing communication messages are defined. Based on the…show more content…
The researchers made a point of noting that most scholars who formulate theories related to consumer psychology often use foreign scholars in order to collect data, yet they are not used when it comes to presenting ideas that may be specific to their culture (Mashewaran and Shavitt, 2000). As a result, they suggest that the best method of improving marketing communication messages to those of different cultures is to follow a five step process that incorporates emic as well as etic principles (Mashewaran and Shavitt, 2000). The researchers stated that the first step towards developing an efficient marketing communication message would be to “examine a research problem in one's own culture,” then to follow this evaluation by transporting “this conceptualization and measurement to examine the same issue in a similar manner in another culture” (imposed etic) (Mashewaran and Shavitt, 2000). The researchers then point to a third step, which is “to enrich the imposed etic framework with unique aspects of the second culture,” and then “to examine the two sets of findings for
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