Consumer Rights And Consumer Strengths

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Consumer right is the right to have information or the right to know about the potency, quality, quantity, price, purity and standard of goods and services. The consumers should be protected from unfair trade practices. It is very important and mandatory for the consumers to know their rights. If they know their rights properly then they can be saved from exploitation from the shop keepers. To safeguard the consumers and their rights the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 has been introduced. It ensures correct information to the consumers and fair competition in the market. But on the other side consumers are also exploited. Many people are cheated by low quality or duplicate products but people do not claim for it. Nowadays we are not able to find the duplicate and original products. There are many consumer rights but there are some facts and myths too. Most of the people are not aware of their consumer rights and who to complain once any of the rights are infringed. Though consumer rights are provided with each and every consumer should be aware of the products which they buy. On the one side consumers are protected by their rights on the other side consumers are being cheated by attractive advertisements, guarantees, warranty etc.
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Though people are aware of social responsibilities the consumers are being exploited then
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