Consumerism In The Clorets Commercial

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Clorets Commercial Analysis The Clorets Commercial applies to sexist, classist, and comedic types of advertising. The target audiences for this commercial is everyone. The commercial takes place in a business building, restaurant, and a street, which suggests that everyone including the upper class, the middle class, and the lower class can use the gum to become attractive. The main character who consumes a high price gum and becomes an upper-class person is portrayed attractive and respected by everyone. He is shown as a powerful man who can control women with his gum and make them do whatever he wants. Women are portrayed as sexual objects, who always try to attract men by posing in different ways. Women are portrayed as …show more content…

The settings of the advertisement, which are a business building, a restaurant, and a street, clearly represent the three different classes of the upper- class, the middle-class and the lower-class. Additionally, women's different types of clothing also represent the different classes. The girl in the business office has worn a well-groomed suit, which suggests that she belongs to the upper-class. Women in the street have worn jeans, which suggests that they belong to the lower-class. The advertainment also sells some messages to the dominant elite with the product. The first message being communicated is that women are products that are meant to be consumed and when a product is bought, women come with the product. The main character in the advertisement has worn a jean and has opened its buttons, which suggests that he is a lower-class person. After he chews the Clorets gum, which is a high-end product, he is considered an upper- class person who attracts all the girls wherever he goes. Women are attracted to him just because of the fresh air created by the gum and before consumption, he could not attract women. Therefore, it is the gum that attracts women, not the guy. The second message of the dominant elite that is communicated to the audience is that women should sell their body to the men. All women in the commercial try different sexy poses in front of the man in the advertisement to attract him. The woman in the

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