Contemporary Appretation Of Contemporary Interpretations Of Sacred Scripture

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Contemporary Interpretations of Sacred Scripture:

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to begin by extending a warm welcome to todays seminar that will dive into all things regarding religion and its place in a modern society. I will be solely focusing on a contemporary expression that shows similarities and differences to a sacred text of Christianity. So why is this of importance? The ever-growing world we live in can often make it difficult for traditions to be maintained in community’s due to their arguably outdated form and language. However, these values, messages and themes can be showcased and interpreted by viewers in modern expressions such as film, song and poetry. The animated 2008 film Wall-E, directed by Andrew Stanton generally showcases the purpose of the story Adam and Eve. This is because of its ability to teach the concept of straying from Gods way of life and the negative impacts leading a greedy and consumerist lifestyle can have. The ways in which it showcases the ideas in both the parent and derivative text can be seen in the interpretations of the central message as well as the context and purpose of both pieces.

The central message of Wall-E and the story of Adam and Eve is very similar. The story of Adam and Eve reported in Genesis chapter two versus four until chapter three versus twenty-four is commonly associated with the teaching of the original sin, fall and death as well as human’s decision in following God’s commands. Wall-E
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