Contemporary Theories Of The United States Government

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The United States government is a democracy, a system of elected policymakers and an organized government so that policy is created in favor to the people 's wants and needs. Many like to categorize this system of government off of its characteristics and patterns. Three theories have been grouped into the three contemporary theories of democracy, where the United States fits into each in a different way. Pluralism reflects the use of groups advocating for a single cause, while Hyperpluralism is Pluralism that did not go correctly because groups are so strong that the government weakened itself. In addition to pluralism and hyperpluralism, the Elite and Class Theory introduces the idea that a government has an elite, wealthy ruler who runs the classes below it. These three contemporary theories of democracy are all applicable to the United States government, but pluralism is the most prominent out of these three theories because the United States is based off of political and advocate groups that press for changes in policies with a balance that prevents the scales from tipping onto the hyperpluralist side. The first of the three theories of democracy is pluralism, also referred to as the Pluralist Theory. This emphasizes that politics is a race between many groups who desire to have their policy enforced by the government. Unlike Hyperpluralism, Pluralism is based off of group efforts that advocate for a similar cause that help the government improve itself through its

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