Essay about Contending Forces by Pauline E. Hopkins

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Pauline E. Hopkins’s novel Contending Forces: A Romance Illustrative of Negro Life North and South is considered to be one of the most prominent works of African American literature. Throughout her life, Hopkins created literary works that captured the pain, frustration, and hopelessness African Americans felt at that time. Contending Forces: A Romance Illustrative of Negro Life North and South focuses heavily on revealing the racism that existed in both the north and south of the United States. Often, the north is depicted as the more tolerant region of the country. When in reality, the level of discrimination often did not differ from the discrimination that existed in the south. Often the North would do just enough to keep …show more content…

African American children today tend to apotheosize those who find success without finishing high school or college: rappers, athletes, etc. Throughout Contending Forces: A Romance Illustrative of Negro Life North and South, education is depicted as something that is believed to be too valuable to make accessible to Negroes, and literature and sciences was being used to falsely support this claim. Hopkins wrote, “Literature, politics, theology, history have been ransacked and perverted to prove the hopeless inferiority of the Negro and the design of God that he should serve by the right of color and physique”. African Americans cannot combat these things if they do not possess the desire to learn. Too many of us have been beguiled into believing that scholarship somehow makes an individual less of an African American. Being educated should be viewed as a prize, and it is not something that should cease after obtaining a degree. An education grants versatility. It allows an individual to be a contributor to the world, not just a consumer. African Americans have become the largest consumer group in the United States even though we account for a high percentage of those who live below the poverty line. Wealth has never been defined by how much an individual can by. Truthfully, most of the things people can by cause them to be less wealthy. Wealth is defined by how many things an individual can create. African

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