Contract For A Contract Is A Important Agreement Between Two People Or More

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A contract is a very important agreement between two people or more, it can be multiple parties, it is a legal agreement that is binding, if give people certain right and it will not allow them to be taken granted off. Contracts can even be verbal , but the verbal contract agreements are harder to prove. A contract is a set of promises for the breach, it is a remedy (Seaquist, 2012). Contract can be formed by offers of acceptance , that is voluntary given by two parities for lawful purposes. There are many types of contract that affect people right, as well as the degree of enforceability, there are formal , express contract, and also written agreement (Seaquist, 2012). Contract provide the means for people and businesses not to get …show more content…

As stated by Contract. (2014) , “ Contracts are often classified as either contracts by specialty or simple contracts, another class of obligations, sometimes referred to as contracts of record, are conclusive legal obligations created by the judgment or order of a court of record Contracts by specialty depend for their validity on the formality of their execution.,”( para, 1).Contract must be written sealed and delivered to the party bound by it. Simple contract do not depend on validity of any particular thing to be executed, a Simple contract can be verbal . There are nullifying contracts, now this contact is called the lunatic and idiot contract , it is for people under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol this contract will not be acceptable, it take away free will, contract signed must be done in a clear concise mind, these contract are voidable contracts (Contract, 2014). In a contract to be valid an individual must make an offer, for an offer to be made there has to be at least Two parties present of even more for the contract to be legal, if the offer is accepted then the offer becomes legal and the contract can be validated, but first the offer must be fully understood clearly (Seaquist, 2012). An offer is made, if it is accepted then the contract is drawn up then the contract is created. An offer does not ply around with ball park figures,nor estimated for any proposal or interest or the intent ot do anything. An offer can lapse when the time

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