Contractual Precedent Within Employment Law

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Contractual Precedent within Employment Law Contractual Precedent Regarding General Employment For a contract to be legally binding, agreements between two parties or more is necessary. For a contract to be valid certain elements must take place, these include the terms offer, acceptance, consideration and intention. Within employment it is vital that employers have contracts intact between them and their employees. The party making the offer are known as the offeror and the party who the offer has been made to is known as the offeree. Once a contract is made and it’s established as being valid, damages can be claimed for if there has been a breach in the contract. There are a number of elements that need to be in place in order for a contract to be valid. Where the element of offer comes into action is when an individual expresses an action to enter an agreement with another party on the basis on certain principles and elements. Where an employment circumstance is concerned, an offer would be proposed by an employer however in certain situations an offer could be placed forward by an employee. Amid this period it’s likely that another offer would be made by one of the parties involved. At this time additional terms would be discussed and evaluated among the parties involved. Once a new offer is placed the original offer would be cancelled. Acceptance is another vital part of the contract. It is essential that acceptance is the unconditional acceptance of all the elements

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