Contribution Of Literature In English Literature

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Indian literature in English originated as a necessary result of the introduction of English education in India under colonial law. In recent years it -Dhavan R.K. opines-

It is now recognized has attracted widespread interest, both in India and abroad.1 (Dhavan: 1986, 5)

Indian literature in English is not only part of Commonwealth literature, but also occupies a Great significance in the World literature.2 (Dhavan: 1986, 5)

Today, a number of Indian English writers have contributed significantly to modern English literature. Ram Mohan Roy who heralded the Indian Renaissance and Macaulay who suggested English language education in India were probably aware of what was in amass for the Indians in terms of literary consciousness. Today it Mongia Sunanda says:

Has won for itself international acclaim and distinction.3 (Mongia Sunanda: 1997, 213)
Today, fiction being the most powerful form of literary expression, has acquired a impressive position in Indian literature in English. It is generally believed that the novel is the most appropriate literary form
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The expected impact of the Gandhian movement on Indian English literature was the sudden blossoming of realistic novels during the 1930s. Novelists turned their attention away from the past to focus on contemporary issues. In their novels existing social and political problems that Indians found themselves in were given importance. The nation-wide movement of Gandhi not only stimulated Indian English novelists but also provided them with some of their high-flying themes, such as the struggle for freedom, the East-West encounter, the communal problem and the miserable condition of the marginalized, the landless poor, the downtrodden, the economically exploited and the
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