Francis Bacon Research Paper

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Many people have heard of the mathematicians Issac Newton, John Locke, or William Petty. All of these mathematicians changed history with their groundbreaking ideas and methods. However, all of these mathematicians were influenced by the mathematician, Francis Bacon. Bacon was influential in many aspects during the English Renaissance. He was an author, philosopher, scientist, mathematician, and served as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. Francis Bacon had a successful life, not only in the progress he made in science and math, but also other achievements he made. Francis Bacon was born in London, England on January 22, 1561. He was born into a high class family with his father, Nicolas Bacon, being the Lord Keeper of the Seal. His mother, Anne Bacon, was also the daughter of Edwards VI’s tutor. At first Bacon was homeschooled where he was taught the works of famous philosophers and scientists. Due to his family’s wealth, at the age of twelve, Bacon was able to attend Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1573. There, he met Queen Elizabeth, who was astounded by his intelligence. Then, in 1576, Bacon attended law school at the Honorable Society of Gray’s Inn. From there, he studied at the English Embassy in Paris where he learned valuable political advice. Bacon’s goal was to become as well versed in politics as possible, which brought him all over Europe. Eventually, Bacon was studying languages, civil law, and statecraft while working for the English Ambassador.

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