In What Ways Are Descartes and Bacon Alike?

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In What Ways Are Descartes and Bacon Alike? remember footnotes and don’t include first 1 on numbered pages There are many aspects of Rene Descartes’ and Francis Bacon’s practices of approaching the scientific method. When comparing the two scientists, it is clear that there are many similarities. In an effort to compare Rene’ Descartes and Francis Bacon it is important to discover the pioneer’s investigations and philosophies. Both credited with the evolution from Aristotelian discovery to modern science, Descartes and Bacon re imagined science. Through various explorations, Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes created the scientific method we still use today. Descartes believed that only two things in life proved true, that man in fact exists and that mathematics are the base of all truth. Similarly, Bacon believed in a simple truth as well, the fact that everything in nature can be broken down and understood by simple parts. Descartes’ and Bacon’s similarities can be seen in their respective published works, Discourse on Method and the New Organon, both published in the 1600’s. From their skepticism towards previous philosophy to how they changed science, there are many similarities between Descartes and Bacon. Francis Bacon was known as the empirical philosopher. As Both men found themselves at a time when there was religious chaos in western europe. This chaos resulted from the aftermath of the Copernican trauma, Martin Luther, and overall religious chaos. Like
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