Contributions Of Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass was a man of many accomplishments in his lifetime, from fighting for the rights of everyone to publishing many papers and books, he did it all. Douglass championed for the rights of everyone, because he believed that the constitution gave everyone the same rights and that people should be treated equally, including African Americans, women, and many different races. Douglass had a voice and he used it to fight for what he believed in, which was the abolition of slavery. He changed how many Americans all over the United States viewed slaves, even when Americans did not want to change their view on slavery. Douglass was an intelligent slave and a very talented orator, which many people believed slaves could not be, considering they were in the same class as animals, if not worse. Douglass sent a message to people all throughout America that caused a turning point, a turning point that set a fire under many slaves and abolitionist. Many people viewed slaves as uneducated animals, until Frederick Douglass proved that the race or sex of a person does not define their level of intelligence nor does it hinder their potential for achievement. With his work and reputation, Frederick Douglass played a very crucial role in abolishing slavery. Within his writing, Douglass showed the suffering, the beating, the “breeding” of the woman, the starvation, and the struggle that the slaves endured during their lifetime in a way that could be envisioned for decades. The main
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