Control by Antibiotics and Antiseptics Lab Report

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Control by Antibiotics and Antiseptics Lab Report
Georgia State University
The fact that each bacterial species, and even some of their respective strains, responds uniquely to a given antimicrobial makes it necessary to have methods, which provide researchers and clinicians with measurable susceptibilities. This need has become prevalent since the rising of later generations of antimicrobial compounds achieved by chemical modifications of the naturally occurring antibiotics. By utilizing the Kirby-Bauer method, researchers and clinicians are able to determine the susceptibility of given microorganisms to different antibiotics and antimicrobials. While antibiotics specifically target bacteria, antimicrobials cast a
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Betadine is an idophor, which is used most frequently as an antiseptic and its exact mechanism is still unclear. Glycerol is a sugar alcohol that is often used in soap-making. While glycerol does have some antiseptic properties, it is primarily used for preservation or as a sweetener. Lastly hydrogen peroxide is used for the debridement of wounds because it creates free radicals, which damage the organic compounds. Because antimicrobials often have a more generalized effect, we expected the results to be more consistent than the antibiotics, but still varied.
In order to observe the different effects of antibiotics and antimicrobials on different bacterial cultures, we utilized the Kirby-Bauer method. With four different bacterial species and two plates for each, one to test antibiotics and the other to test antimicrobials, we created lawns on each plate with the respective bacteria. Before creating the lawns, one must label each plate to indicate the sample, the method, and the types of antibiotics or antimicrobials used. To create a lawn, one sterilizes an inoculating loop with an open flame, allows it to cool, dips it into the sample, and then proceeds to create a dense zig-zag pattern that covers the area of the plate in one direction. Then the plate is rotated 45 degrees and the process is repeated. Finally the plate is rotated 45 degrees once more and the process is repeated again. The creation of a
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