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Cooking for One: Top Food Items You Must Have in Your Kitchen For a single person, cooking can often be a challenge. Most food is packaged to feed an entire family. Most recipes are designed to feed several people and can be difficult to prepare in smaller portions. Leftovers can get boring after about the third serving, and sometimes freezing is not an option. It seems, finally, that some companies in the food industry are realizing that not all of us buy in bulk. Here are nine wonderful food items I 've discovered that every single person should know about. Pillsbury Perfect Portions Biscuits. These refrigerated biscuits eliminate the need to prepare an entire batch or tube at once. You cook just the number you need. Pillsbury frozen …show more content…

Individually shrink wrapped chicken breasts. The uses for these are endless. They usually come six to eight in a package and may be pre-seasoned or marinated in a variety of flavors. Perdue is the brand I usually buy, but I have seen others available as well. They can be used in just about any chicken recipe and are great on the grill. Individually flash-frozen chicken breasts and tenders. These can be used for many of the same dishes as the previous item. They come in economy-sized bags that store easily in the freezer. You simply take what you need out of the bag, prepare, and enjoy! Sutter Home wine 4-packs. I often cook with wine and hate leaving a partially empty bottle to sit in the refrigerator for days or weeks at a time. Sutter Home has started selling small bottles of many of their wine varieties in four-packs. These are perfect! I open just one of the smaller bottles to use for my recipe, and the others will keep until I need them.
Trading And Bartering! Could a cooking pot be bartered/traded for a bag of potatoes or some cookbooks for fresh from the garden green beans? Could work be traded for a bushel of apples? Are some Americans Hungry? Is the packaged food arriving in grocery stores in smaller containers? Did the jars of canned applesauce shrink in size, and at the same time, carry a higher price tag? Careful and vigilant shoppers are

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