Cop Job Stress

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Lights flashing, sirens blaring through the streets of Albany, New York. A cop is involved in a high speed car chase. In order to escape the crook breaks through the fence of a local airport. The cops blocked him in the middle of the runway and sent him to jail. This is one of the high stress situations that cops are involved in every day. They have ways of dealing with these stressors. Cops know that there are stressful and scary things to come from working as a police officer. Even when police officers deal with high stress dangerous situations on the job they can still live a healthy personal life.
Stress levels were not as bad as they are today but there were still some stress (Reedy). 20 years ago and beyond there not as many dash cams in cop cars. The lack of dash cams lead to cops having more freedom. More freedom lead to less stress. One cop said that when he first started being a cop they would go out to bars and drink in the parking lot while on the job (Reedy). Sense the 20 years ago and beyond, the current situations cops face have lead them to more stress. …show more content…

Some situations that lead cops to stress were 911, and Boston bombing. 123 cops killed in 2015 in the United States (Law enforcement facts 1). 1439 cops working on duty have got shot in the past 10 years (law enforcement facts). Cops job are to keep everyone safe and sense these terrorist attacks happened they are not doing their job. These situations lead cops to post-traumatic stress, survivor guilt (Marx 1). Another incident that lead to cops having more stress was Ferguson Missouri killing lead cops to stress when citizens during that shooting were saying that white cops are

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