Coping Mechanism of Families with Autistic Children

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The Problem and Its Background
Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that affects the brain’s development of social and communication skills and said to be a behaviorally-defined condition. ( a person with autism has to deal with great consequences due to the different adjustments they have to follow. Along with the stress felt by the autistic person, their families are the ones who should handle the responsibilities in raising their autistic children. Since they have to raise the children with a disability, a big burden corresponds to the adjustment they have to initiate to their autistic child and for the whole family as well. Their responsibility is even more difficult since there are
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With these two principles constantly followed, the family functions well and accordingly and benefits the whole family and each member. But raising a child with autism can create great emotional stress and can fully affect the family’s system and interaction because of the problems related to autism. For the family to form their organized family life cycle they must go through different adjustments and adaptation for the family’s development, applying the third principle that says that any system functions as an organized whole.

Research Paradigm
Raising a child who has been diagnosed with autism can be a very challenging role for any family. Since they are the ones who are primarily responsible for dealing with the needs of the child with a disability, they also have to deal with great stress regarding the autistic child. The presence of a child with a disability may involve some difficult adjustments for the rest of the family.
Different effects are implied to the whole family, changes in family roles are highly affected and because of this they have to reorganize the family’s functioning and activities. Autism affects the enormously, they are challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and financially as well. Everyday things have to be carefully planned and executed. Families are somehow put into
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