Coping With Aging Parents Essay

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Coping with Aging Parents Many aging parents do not need a great deal of looking after when it comes to personal care but they may still be in need of other attention especially if they are housebound. Ensure that company is available if they want it but allow them some solitude if that is their wish. Coping will be far easier for you if they still have some say in matters that are important to them. Never take their choices away – they still need to feel in control however restricted their life has become due to immobility or other health problems. If your parent is still of sound mind then things will be easier to cope with as dementia is one of the most difficult situations to be faced with when it comes to coping with the elderly. The only way is to humour them when they perceive things as being significantly different from the way they really are. Even when aging parents have absolutely nothing to worry about they will often find something, however trivial and make a big deal over it. The only way to reassure them is to tell them not to worry and say it’s all been taken care of. Above all, listen to them and their stories of yesteryear – you may learn something new even though your parent will not be much use when it comes to discussing current trends and prices but they will gleefully tell you how much was in their first pay packet just as if it was yesterday. There is always a temptation as we get older for us to live in the past and remember the ‘Good old days’

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