Coping With Stress And Burnout Essay

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Coping with Stress and Burnout in the Pediatric Oncology Nursing Field
Erica R. Keim
Bloomsburg University¬¬¬

Background. Pediatric Oncology Nursing is nursing that involves the care of children under the age of eighteen that have been diagnosed with cancer. This field of work is commonly associated with burnout and high levels of stress among the working staff. Although prevalent in every workplace, causes and coping methods of both burnout and stress have been neglected. Recent studies, however, have provided a better insight into various methods of coping with burnout for Pediatric Oncology Nurses. The purpose of this article is to explore and explain the causes and symptoms of burnout in the nursing field, as well as to inform future nurses and current nurses of the methods of coping with stress and burnout in the Pediatric Oncology Nursing field.
Keywords: pediatric oncology, stress, burnout, coping

Coping with Stress and Burnout in the Pediatric Oncology Nursing Field
Across the world, hundreds of thousands of nurses are employed in the field of Pediatric Oncology. Unfortunately, many of these nurses’ experiences involve severe stress and burnout after just a few years in the field. Burnout, characterized by: emotional exhaustion, increased distance from patients, reduced empathy, and a diminished sense of accomplishment, is a common issue throughout the health care system (Moody, et al., 2013). In the

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