Copper Sulfide, It Chemical Weight

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1. Argentite’s composition is silver sulfide, it molecular weight equals 247.80gm. It is used as an ore of silver; reduce metal availability. It is a popular mineral, the polishing on sterling silver. Important specimens have been found in mines. Its specimen deposits can be found in several areas such as Mexico, Great Britain and Kongsberg.

2. Asbestos is found in fibers which belong to two types of mineral groups and refers to six types of naturally occurring mineral fibers. It has been historically used in industrial and construction applications.
3. Calcite is a major component of sedimentary rocks. It is common and is found everywhere. Calcite is used as a construction material, pharmaceutical, agricultural soil treatment and …show more content…

It is of fine grained natural rock or soil material that combines one or more clay minerals with oxides and matter.

6. Dolomite is a rock of calcium magnesium carbonate with the chemical composition of (CAMg) (CO3)2. Its uses are cement manufacture, ornamental stone, an oil and gas reservoir and construction. One of the largest rocks on Earth is a mountain range in northeastern Italy which is part of the Italian Alps. There was a unique dolomite occurrence in Spain, and in the Congo of Zaire, which produced colorless transparent crystals resembling the Iceland Spar.

7. Feldspar is called a rock shaping mineral and is usually making up a huge part of the rock and the earth’s crust. Its composition is basic, X(AI,Si)4O8 and is used mostly in industrial mineral; ceramics and glass making. New Mexico, Virginia and Oregon are known locations of deposits.

8. Galena uses an ore of lead, its composition is lead; sulfide, PbS. Galena is metallic on fresh surfaces. It is also easy to smelt and weathers easily. Galena are sometimes mined. A cubic galena crystal with attached calcite crystals was collected at the Sweetwater Mine in Missouri.

9. Gypsum is the world’s primary ore of lead; it is mined from a huge number of deposits in many countries. It is an evaporate mineral and is found in sedimentary deposits in layers associated with halite, anhydrite,

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