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I am submitting my resume and cover letter in application for Belk’s Copywriter position. I learned of this position via Indeed and was immediately interested. My ultimate career goal is to become a proofreader and editor. I think that my previous work experience, growing interest in fashion and beauty, and my educational background makes me the perfect fit for this role.
I have a strong background in concisely conveying relevant product information. During my time as a virtual AT&T sales representative, I gave product recommendations to consumers by highlighting features relevant to their stated interests and needs. Because I was communicating via the AT&T website and not in person, I had to be effective and clear in my word choice while still honoring the AT&T Voice. In learning how to adopt the voice of my employer, I am prepared to write effective product copy for in a way that will be clear and friendly to consumers. As a data entry associate, I key customers’ financial …show more content…

This is what awakened my passion for editing and proofreading. I know that it is what I want to pursue as a career. As for fashion, I have always had an interest in it, but it did not blow up until my sophomore year of college. Through Tumblr and research, I learned about different fashion houses and street fashion cultures. Working at Belk will give me the opportunity to pursue my goal of being an editor while still honoring my growing interest in fashion. It is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. I strive to be my best possible self for my future employer, future clients, and myself. I am confident that my resume and cover letter are accurate representations of my abilities and potential. I truly am the perfect fit for this position, and will prove to be a sound investment over time. I appreciate the opportunity to apply and hope to hear good news

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