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I am a rockstar Native Spanish-speaking copywriter!

Hello Mr. Nate,

I have read your job posting, and I am very interested in applying for this project. I am a native Spanish speaker, English/Spanish writer and translator from Venezuela. I have 5 years of experience in the writing and translaton fields, as well as a perfect use of both English and Spanish and their respective grammar, syntax and vocabularies. In writing, I have an excellent use of essential writing tools (e.g: main and secondary topic, article and paragraph structure, etc) and I can adapt the style depending on clients' needs.

As for my background, I was born and raised here in Venezuela. I have a Bachelor of Education, English degreee, and I managed my own local factory (it was a 8-person business focused on manufacture bagpacks,
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My proposed hourly rate is 16$. You may see my rates at my profile ( This rate is assumed on the possibility that I would be copywriting or translating during my effective hours. My monthly rate is 1600$-2400$ (16$/h*5 effective hours= 80$/day. 80$*20= 1600$. 80$*30= 2400$ if you need me to work during weekends). I may increase the hours per day if necessary.

The reason your should hire me is simple: I am effective. Effectiveness is the balance between efficiency (doing things fast) and efficacy (doing things good). While related, not everyone can be actually effective. In my case, I have the required skills, adaptability and creativity to write appealing amazon listings and/or translate them to sound as natural as possible for the average native speaker.

Before my conclusion, I would like to invite you to visit my profile, so you may see more about me and my experience, including relevant feedback and approved Upwork tests.

Thank you for your
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