Coral Reef Importance

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What Are Coral Reefs? states that:
“Coral reefs are expansive underwater structures which are built from stony corals that secrete calcium carbonate to create their hard exoskeleton to protect their soft bodies. These corals consist of polyps which are abnormal growths within the coral that cluster together to form groups. Coral reefs make up one of the most significant marine ecosystems in the world today.” ( )
Why Are Coral Reefs Important?
Alongside being one of the largest marine ecosystems in the world, coral reefs are significant for many reasons, most of which fall under protection. But what do they protect and how do they protect it?
• Coral reefs provide coastal protection as they stop and lower wave action and erosion in shallow shores which prevents damage to any nearby properties
• Coral reefs protect the productive wetlands that lie along the coast as well as the highly productive wetlands that are around ports and harbours
• Human recreation such as fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving are all provided by the coral reefs. The human recreation that is provided by the coral reefs benefit the people who work in the tourism industry as they earn more money
• Our earth’s coral reefs are the spiritual and cultural centre for many people. For example, the indigenous aborigines of Australia are spiritually connected to the coral reefs due to their traditional ways of life. The

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