Corporal Punishment and the Effects of Its Usage

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Corporal Punishment and the effects of its usage Corporal punishment is the ability to make physical contact as a form of punishment for reprimanding ones behavior. Corporal punishment versus positive reinforcement while they both serve their purpose corporal punishment is known to be more effective. The most common form of disciplining has always been either a spanking, corporal punishment has been dated all the way back to biblical times. Now the corporal punishment that occurred during biblical and slavery times might not be for the greater good, however the individuals who owned slaves thought it to help one complete their job quicker and better. If one slave didn’t do something properly or escaped corporal punishment was enforced which resulted in receiving a beating from a long strap; this is form of corporal punishment is actual abuse, yet it deterred other slaves from committing the same actions as others. As a result corporal punishment has been around for years and serves its purpose for every aspect in life. Throughout my book I’ll be explaining the effectiveness of corporal punishment versus positive reinforcement. The effectiveness of corporal punishment is something that is much more than whooping a child for wrongful doing, but it’s a deterrence mechanism within households and even schools. As a result of corporal punishment it can have a positive and negative effect it is something that works different on all individuals, positive reinforcement also

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