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Solving issues of money with the American Government Administrative Agencies almost takes an act of God. Have you ever noticed that there are never wrong? I do not know of a case where the citizen prevailed without court involvement. Why is that? I often wonder how it would be possible to balance out the monetary issues between government agencies, corporate business and the consumer and public member. Let me give you an example; let’s say, for instance, an individual is going through a temporary financial problem that was resolved in a couple of months. During that time he wasn’t able to make a couple of his monthly bills such as his PG&E bill and AT&T bill. AT&T disconnects his services and he incurred late fees but he chooses to …show more content…

He is also charged a late fee of $30 that doubles each week until it’s paid. He is charged an administrative fee to reinstate the contract, his monthly bill for months and the lien fee of $175 plus the certified mail fee notifying him that he has missed his monthly payment. A $34 monthly storage fee just tripled all because AT&T required another deposit that he is sure he already paid. Two weeks later he receives a statement from AT&T informing him that they overcharged him for the deposit fee and his monthly statement with two late fees and that they will put credit on his account. Upset, he contacts AT&T and explains to them the problems that their mistake cost him and that he does not want a credit on his account he wants his money back so he can pay his storage and hopefully recover from the fees. AT&T denies giving him a refund stating that they only give credit on the customer’s account. When he explains all the additional costs because of their mistake they simply apologize and put the credit on his account two months later. My question to our governing authority is why is this happening? Why are they getting away with not refunding money? Why do they get to charge consumers late fees and reconnect fees and lien fees but we as consumers cannot charge them for the same thing? Why are administrative government and corporate companies allowed to keep our money, causes financial problems and charge us whatever fees they want whenever they want and they

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