Corporate Social Responsibilities ( Csr ) That Crayola, Disney, Google, Lipton, And Tyson

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Introduction I am writing this paper to discuss the different corporate social responsibilities (CSR) that Crayola, Disney, Google, Lipton, and Tyson are involved in and to determine their productiveness. First, I will provide you with the history of these corporations and then I want to tell you about their CSR initiatives. I will evaluate each business and deduce whether they are really socially responsible or not. History Crayola The very beginning of Crayola started with Joseph Binney when he created a small charcoal factory in New York in 1864 (Crayola). In 1880 his son and nephew, Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith, respectively joined him in his business and began the Binney & Smith Company (Crayola). Later they began to make pencils for school children and not long after they received a gold medal in chemical arts for their black color (Crayola). In 1903 they created their first colored wax crayons which were blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, red, orange, and black (Crayola). Alice Binney created the name of Crayola from the French word “craie” meaning chalk (Crayola). In 1936 became more concerned with the safety of children using their products and helped fund the Crayon and Water Color Institution that promotes the safety of raw materials in store items (Crayola). By the 1960’s Crayola became a publicly held company and sold its first stock exchange in 1963 (Crayola). Throughout the late 1900s Crayola produce more than just crayons and are inventing new products

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