Corporate Social Responsibility Of The Enron Corporation

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Introduction We will look at the Enron Corporation and discuss its application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or in actuality its irresponsible behavior as related to social responsibility. We will revisit what CSR is and discuss Enron’s philosophy regarding its use and function within the corporation. We will discuss the consequences of Enron’s irresponsible behavior and the far reaching effects it had on society. Corporate Social Responsibility are actions taken by a corporation that have positive and lasting impact for all stakeholders associated with the organization, seeking to strike a balance between profits and helping to establish lasting investment in the community (Carrol, 2015). In the 1980’s, then President Reagan challenged the business community to take on more responsibility to address social problems (Carrol, 2015). Socially responsible actions can benefit local communities as well as the greater societal good.
Oddly enough, Enron had a CSR strategy with a very good reputation for having a strong and well respected corporate responsibility known for generosity to the community and being environmentally responsible. (Sims & Brinkmann, 2003). In hindsight we see that they were playing CSR. Former CFO, Jeff Skilling once told a colleague, “Mike, we are a green energy company, but the green stands for money” (Bradley, 2008). The public should be very cautious when it comes to companies and their CSR efforts as unfortunately some are just

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