Inclusive Growth Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Inclusive Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility in ITC

Kanchana Arun,Assistant Professor, HCM,Vels University


Corporate Social Responsibility has become a worldwide concept where by organizations consider the interest of the society by taking responsibility for the influence of their activities on the public and their environment. ITC Hotels is actively committed to the environment. As responsible corporate citizens, they recognize their commitment towards maintaining a greener and healthier environment.
This research paper moves around developing an understanding about the Corporate Social Responsibility, delves into its concept and finding out its scope taking the case study of ITC Grand Chola hotel which has
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The concept came into prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s.This idea was mentioned popularly in 'strategic management: a stakeholders approach ' by R. Edward Freeman in 1984.
Definition by Archie Carroll CSR as a multi layered concept that can be differentiated into four interrelated aspects – economic, legal ethical and philanthropic responsibilities.
Definition from the World Bank Group
Stating, “Corporate social responsibility is the commitment of businesses to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with the employees, their families, the local community and society at large, to improve”.
Vice President Hamid Ansari called upon the captains of Indian industry to embrace the concept of 'growth with equity ' as part of their CSR motto.
"Empirical evidence shows growth without equity is not sustainable in the long run. Desired levels of equity can 't be attained without rapid and sustained growth. Hence the solution is not in 'either-or ' but in 'both '".
Objectives of the study
To highlight the functional areas of the Government policies
To understand the contribution of the ITC’s CSR towards inclusive growth THE CSR POLICY
1. Care for all stake holders:
The companies should respect the interest of, and be responsive towards all stake holders, including share holders, employees,
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