Pepsi Entry Strategy

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As a finance student, I have selected PepsiCo which is an American company and recommend whether that company can acquire a new firm in the democratic country which is India. PepsiCo is an American multinational corporation which has interests in manufacturing, marketing and distributing snacks and beverages, (Wikipedia. 2016). PepsiCo is the second largest company in food and beverage industry in the world and maintaining its trust among their customers, (Wikipedia. 2016). The company distributing their products more than 200 countries, (Wikipedia. 2016). Therefore its annual net revenues is $43.3 billion, (Wikipedia. 2016). PepsiCo has been recognized for performance and leadership, diversity, sustainability and supporting the societies where we live. With this …show more content…

2017). New entry market should address issues of sales channels, distribution and marketing practises with an Indian partner or agent. Since India is strong in culture, relationships and personal meeting with the agents are very important. Also should ensure that partners are credible and reliable due to diligence. Second corporate strategy is market entry options, (Export, Gov. 2017). Many foreign companies looking for opportunities in India. For entry into Indian market, identify the target market and find good partners. Moreover, foreign business should explore various market options in India include subsidiary relationship and joint ventures with local company. Third corporate strategy is geographic diversity, (Export, Gov. 2017). U.S. companies which is small or medium sized enterprises should consider India’s market on regional level. Additionally, the U.S. Commercial Services offices are in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata provide valuable information and well connected with local business, (Export, Gov. 2017). Agents are to serve various geographic markets in the

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