Pepsi Case Study

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1.) Why do companies like Pepsi need to globalize? What are the various ways in which foreign companies can enter a foreign market? What hurdles and problems did Pepsi Face when it tried to enter India during the 1980s? Reasons why corporations like PepsiCo. need to globalize their operations include a need for competitive advantage against rivaling companies, increase their economies of scale to lower their production and distribution costs in moving products into new and existing markets, entering new markets to increase brand image and brand loyalty, and to increase net earnings which can then be distributed as dividends for their stockholders. Where PepsiCo. entered into India as a Joint Venture with PAIC and Voltas, there are other numerous ways a company can enter a foreign market. They include, Exporting & Importing, Licensing & Franchising, Contract Manufacturing, Foreign Direct Investment, Equity Purchases, and Strategic Alliances. Obstacles that Pepsi faced when trying to prospecting India include: Terrorism in the Punjab Pradesh, a brand new political party, the Janata Dal, a high degree of government intervention, and a decline of the currency, the Rupee.
2.) Critically analyze the strategy adopted by Pepsi to sell itself to the Indian government. Do you think the biggest factor responsible for the acceptance of its proposal by the regulatory authorities was its projection of its operations as the solution to many of Punjab’s problems? Why/Why not? After

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