Correcting Mental Illness

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Mind-boggling 450 million people in the whole world are affected by any form of mental illness. To be specific, most common mental illness is depression with 350 million. Twenty-one million people are affected by schizophrenia. In fact, mental illnesses are more common than cancer. According to, “One in five American adults experienced a mental health issues” in 2014. Sadly, ⅔ of all people in the world with mental illness never seek help from health professionals.

The real question is what can cause this illness to occur? Is correcting mental illness, even remotely possible? Is it just couple of chemicals? Or is it something more than what meets the eye? This essay will attempt to answer all of those questions based on research
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They also suggest the illness could be genetic. It can be also be contracted from an infection of some kind or long-term substance abuse. A injured brain could influence mental health as it is common in football players. (CTE brain injury) It is also possible to damage mental health at the time of birth.

The medical treatment for mental illness have advanced since last 20 years. Correcting mental illness is possible through tweaking neurotransmitter chemical. This can be done by psychotherapy, medicines or other medical procedures. Although there’s no real “cure” for mental illness. People can recover from it and can be achieved by multiple methods.

The most fascinating method involves a placebo pill. A pill is used to deceive the unaware patient. The person must actually believe the pill is an actual treatment. The patient’s symptoms may or may not improve. It can be used on people who have depression or some other mental illness. However, placebo treatments are used mostly by researchers to see the effect it has on body-mind relationship. Medication and psychotherapy or other form of therapy are all different methods used to combat
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Especially with un-learning a thought pattern or habit. As previously mentioned before, there is no immediate “cure” but a recovery where you reach the point the symptoms can be managed and a person can live a great life.

As a conclusion, mental illness is very commonly found in the world. It is caused by various reasons listed above but mainly because of unbalanced chemicals in brain. Mental illness is not all in your head and cannot be gotten over them if you really want to. It cannot be cured, but can be recovered from various treatments. The treatment consists of different methods best suited to specific mental illness. Methods include, placebo, psychotherapy, medicines, and other
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