Correctional Facilities For Inmates And Staff

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In the upcoming material there will be several statistics and pertinent information to help clarify (Life in Correctional Facilities for Inmates and Staff). Individual information for each facet, completed by compiling comparisons of the concluded information. When we think of incarceration, we automatically think about people sentenced to prison. Perhaps we think of those in jail awaiting trial or serving a shorter sentence. When we think of re-entry we immediately think about sentenced or otherwise incarcerated persons being released from incarceration to home. It seems we rarely think about persons working in the prisons/jails. These are the people who enter and out of the facilities daily and often times their time inside is much …show more content…

Thirty-four percent of the officers who responded to the survey reported suffering from symptoms of PTSD, such as repeated flashbacks of traumatic incidents, hypervigilance, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and alienation. Only fourteen percent of military veterans report suffering the same symptoms. Correctional officer suicide rates are thirty-nine percent higher than all other professions combined, according to the national study. In the study it was revealed that most officers avoid a PTSD diagnosis because they’re afraid of negative repercussions on their careers. They believe they’ll be put through a “fit for duty” test with a licensed psychologist and be decertified. Research shows that hyper-violent environment has serious repercussions on the mental and physical state of an officer. Shift work is another key factor with corrections officers and their families. Not having dinner together and parents sleeping while their children get ready for school. Shift work has been proven to disrupt the circadian rhythm, or the internal clock that controls sleep and nausea. The combination of sleep loss disrupted circadian rhythm, eating, and digestive problems tends to result in irritability and depression, which will possibly have a negative impact on family interaction.

When we associate the term “incarceration”

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