Correlation Between Prejudice And Discrimination

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Most people have prejudices about other groups. People often do not give some groups a chance before making judgements about them. They often make judgments that are based off of personal feelings or experiences. However, if people gave other groups a chance, they will be able to decrease their prejudices. Getting to know others and working together will allow people to increase their contact and decrease their differences. Therefore, understanding others’ experiences and giving them a chance can decrease prejudice.
Increased contact can decrease prejudice between groups if they depend on each other to accomplish a goal. Both groups have to be open to cooperate and participate to complete a common goal. For instance, if an African American customer helped Caucasian store employees catch someone who was stealing. They are depending on each other, because they need to work together to make sure they stop the person that is stealing. Both groups working together to catch someone stealing will decrease the prejudice, because they know they can depend on one another to accomplish their goal. In addition, having a common goal to pursue can reduce prejudice. For instance, an African American customer and Caucasian store employees have a common goal, because they both want to stop someone from stealing. In other
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Both groups knowing they are equal will decrease prejudice, because nobody is superior or has more power. More simply, both groups feel important because they have something to offer when they are on the same status. In addition, getting to know one another will decrease prejudice, because they are putting their differences aside. Both groups are given the chance to explain and their prejudices and why they have certain beliefs. Getting to know each other will allow both member to try to understand the other. Therefore, being equal and getting to know others can decrease
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